physical education is an art or science

Physical education is an art or science?

To find out whether physical education is an art or science, it becomes necessary to examine the principles on which it is based. It needs to be ascertained whether the principles or basic concepts of physical education are contemplative – to make it an art, or analytical, experimental and verifiable – to make it a Science. Scientific basis of physical education Physical education can be termed as a science only if the principles, theories, laws on which it is based are determined and verified. What we know about human being is scattered through many separate disciplines. Physical education draws its principles from various sources like anatomy, physiology, mental hygiene, psychology, Anthropology, bio-chemistry, bio-physics, bio-mechanics and so on. which contribute a lot to the understanding of ‘man’ and …

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Can i become an athlete without choosing physical education as a subject?

Can i become an athlete without choosing physical education as a subject?

YES, you can become an athlete without choosing physical education as a subject in any class. Physical education taught us the concepts of games and sports and the human body structure and functioning. If you study physical education subject it will be very helpful for you in achieving your aim to become an athlete. But …

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agencies of recreation

Agencies of recreation in physical education

” Any group or organisation which provide recreational services to the population whether for free or by taking money is called a recreation agency. “ In simple words we can say that recreational service providers are known as the agencies of recreation. Following are the agencies of recreation : – Contents1 Government recreation Agency –1.1 …

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speed in physical education

Speed in physical education (detailed)

Contents1 Meaning and definition of speed in physical education-1.1 speed and neuro – muscular system1.2 Muscle fibers and speed –1.3 1) Slow-twitch fibers :1.4 2) Fast-twitch fibers (type IIa and type IIb ) : 1.4.1 Type IIa 1.4.2 Type IIb2 Types of speed in physical education2.1 Reaction speed in physical education –2.1.1 Simple and Complex …

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The Basic Principles of Fitness

Below are the 5 fundamental Principles of Physical Fitness: 1.The principle of ‘Overload’ 2. The Principle of ‘FITT’ 3.The principle of ‘Specificity’ 4.The principle of ‘Rest and Recovery’ 5.The principle of ‘Use or Lose’ Contents1 The Overload principle2 The F.I.T.T. Principle2.1 Frequency2.2 Intensity2.3 Time2.4 Type2.4.1 Combining both the Overload and F.I.T.T. principles3 The Specificity Principle4 The Rest and Recovery Principle5 The Use or Lose Principle The Overload principle The Principle …

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Physical fitness components

Physical fitness – It is the potential of physique to: • effectively and efficiently do work and activities of leisure.  • meet situations of emergency.  • resistance from diseases Contents1 Physical Fitness’ 5 components2 CARDIOVASCULAR ENDURANCE3 MUSCULAR STRENGTH4 MUSCULAR ENDURANCE5 FLEXIBILITY6 BODY COMPOSITION6.1 F.I.T.T  principle of exercise-6.1.1 GUIDELINES for physical exercise: Physical Fitness’ 5 components In education programs, health centers  and fitness clubs these five components of physical fitness are used to test …

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Concept of warming up in physical education

Warming up is the set of exercises, sorted and graded , all muscles and jointswhose goal is to prepare the physique for physical sports to carry out properly and prevent from any injury.The aim of warming up is to get our physique to reach optimum performance level gradually so that from the beginning of the effort(or game), we can perform at our best .When you’ve warmed up before performing an physical exercise usually , then you can give your best at time of game playing.Therefore , you should simply warm up earlier than any physical exercise. If you don’t, your physique will adapt quickly and inadequately , function and have extra probabilities ofgetting an injury . …

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Basic rules to get in shape

It’s really feel good to know that you want to get in shape. Many individuals feel guilty of wishing that they might get a sculpted physique from consuming junk meals and watching TV all day. However that’s simply not going to occur. Though getting in shape seems like an extended, time-wasting course of, the hassle put in direction of being in shape has many +ive effects. If you wish to begin your journey to having good physique to really feel nice, listed below are some ideas: 1. Train Everyday Train everyday for a minimum of one hour. You wouldn’t have to kill your …

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Do ‘s and Don’ts HEALTHY HABITS

Do ‘s and Don’ts of a Wholesome Food plan – Do :eat in keeping with the “Meals Pyramid” and keep a balanced weight-reduction plan. Over eating should be stopped. Do :consume vegetables ( priority to green ones) and meat and meals with more dietary fibre (Products which contain whole wheat cereals)  Don’t :High-sugar meals should not be consumed (candies, ice-cream, soda drinks and sugar-added drinks (for instance, sugar-added juice) Do :select lean meat. poultry …

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