Can i become an athlete without choosing physical education as a subject?

Can i become an athlete without choosing physical education as a subject?

YES, you can become an athlete without choosing physical education as a subject in any class.

Physical education taught us the concepts of games and sports and the human body structure and functioning. If you study physical education subject it will be very helpful for you in achieving your aim to become an athlete. But it is not necessary to study it.

In my opinion as a physical educationist i will suggest you to study this subject. Because in the path to be a successful athlete you will face many challenges and if you would have the knowledge of physical education then those challenges would be easy to tackle for you.

But if you are really not interested in the studying of this subject then you don’t need to worry because your coach or your trainer would help you in overcoming all those challenging situations. You just need to believe and follow your instructor.

I am telling again “To study physical education is advisable but not necessary“.

The necessary thing to become a good athlete is that you must have to work on the development of Skill related fitness components as well as Health related fitness components.

Although the proportion of fibers ( Slow twitch and Fast twitch ) present in a person plays an important role but still hard work is a key to success in games and sports. And you should have discipline and patience to become a good athlete.

If your mind and body is ready to work hard on ground then don’t think about knowledge of physical education ( as i already described it is not compulsory ) and don’t get late just find a good coach and start to prepare for your dream to become a Champion.

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