Concept of warming up in physical education

Warming up is the set of exercises, sorted and graded , all muscles and joints
whose goal is to prepare the physique for physical sports to carry out properly and prevent from any injury.
The aim of warming up is to get our physique to reach optimum performance level gradually so that from the beginning of the effort(or game), we can perform at our best .
When you’ve warmed up before performing an physical exercise usually , then you can give your best at time of game playing.
Therefore , you should simply warm up earlier than any physical exercise. If you don’t, your physique will adapt quickly and inadequately , function and have extra probabilities of
getting an injury .

Warming up has benefits

• It will increase the heart rate , the heart begins beating faster sending extra blood to the muscle tissues.

• Increased respiratory rate : permits the lungs to soak up extra oxygen, which is important for the physical exercise.

• Heat ups muscle tissues thereby facilitating their movements.


• PREVENTIVE : Prevents muscles and joints from taking injuries .

• PHYSIOLOGICAL : Switch on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems to make them work tougher. Having the nervous system to encourage maximum muscle coordination.

• MENTAL : Prepare psychologically for physical exercise, improves psychological perspective, attention and


For all of the above we observe two fundamental goals of WARMING

1. Prepare the physical, physiological and psychological individual effort .
2. Prevents from injury during physical activity. 

How we warm up

For an extra efficient warm up, follow these suggestions:

• Orderly warming up. You need to warmth the physique components so as ( eg , from bottom to top : ankles , knees , hips , chest , arms and neck ); and so you’ll not forget any. 

• Do it step by step. Begin with gentle workout routines and improve the intensity progressively to finish with workout routines that require a similar effort to the exercise you’re going to practice .
The rate HEART’S BEATING must be 120 to 160 beats every minute.

• Adapt it to your characteristics and the kind of exercise you’re going to make .
Warming up is completely different for handball and soccer.

• Normally , the warming up ought to be longer and more intense the more demanding an physical exercise is carried out.

• Should be complete . When completed it is best to really feel heat psychologically and
bodily ready to begin the exercise.

• The warming up time should be no less than 20 minutes.

• You’ve got increased your heart rate , your respiration and temperature of your muscle tissue

General warming up parts

Warming up has two components: GENERAL , which prepares the physique for any physical exercise,
and SPECIFIC , which is exercises aimed at particular kind of activity to be carried out to develop your body.
In turn, every of those components consist of varied kinds of exercises .

The general warming up is for the preparation of the entire body. 
It permits smooth , progressive and comprehensive cardiorespiratory system and muscle tissues.

It consists of a number of phases:

A) Displacement (Putting into action ) .
• Your objective is to activate the cardiovascular and respiratory system.
• Varieties of physical exercises: simple run , run varying the kinds of journeys (ahead , sideways , backward, jumping , and so on. ) .
• Period: Five – Eight minutes.

B) Joint Mobility .
• Its purpose is to mobilize the joints .
• Exercise types : smooth and progressive.
• Rotations and movements in all axes of the various joints (ankles , knees, hips , and so on. ) . Do not neglect to work all of them .
• Major joints : ankles , knees, hips , chest, shoulders , elbows , wrists, fingers and neck.
• Period: Two – Three minutes.

C ) Stretches .
• Your objective is to maintain and / or improve the elasticity of the muscle tissues and coordination.
• Exercises of some type : muscle stretching (major groups of muscles).
• As in the previous part, must comply with an order not to miss any area and should hold every stretch for about 15-20 seconds.
• Major Muscle groups : Leg : twins, quads, hamstrings , adductors ; Arms, back and torso: biceps, triceps , deltoids , trapezius , thoracic , stomach , lumbar .
• Period of this part : Five – Eight minutes

  • It’s not necessary to do the joint mobility first, followed by streching.The order is not necessary.

Components of Warm-up

A warm-up generally  consists of three components:

General warm-up
The warm-up at all times begins with a general part to warm-up the whole physique.Some workouts to achieve this are for instance; running, side steps, cross steps, knee lifts, skipping rope, arms swinging, ……

To elongate your muscle tissues to reduce chances of injury. Concentrate on the muscle tissues particularly used during the sport you’re going to train.Specific warm-up.
Workouts and movements which might be common within the sport you’re going to train. For instance, if volleyball is the game exercises may include; passing the ball, setup and smash, serv

specific warm-up.

Workouts and movements which might be common within the sport you’re going to train. For instance, if volleyball is the game exercises may include; passing the ball, setup and smash, serve

Understanding warming up foR better gym training

Warm up is a necessary a part of a gym session. Warming up ensures the physique is able to practice by rising blood circulation, loosening muscle tissues, and rising coronary heart rate. There are two major kinds of warm ups: General & Specific.

General warm up

General warm up is necessary before every exercise. The warm up duration should final 5-10 minutes; or so long as you suppose until you’re prepared. Warming up before a physical exercise reduces your chances of getting injured.

Kinds of General Warm Ups:




Skipping Rope



Specific Warm Up

This warm up can be used earlier than your working sets for a training.We break up the training in two components. Specific Warm Up Sets & Working Sets.

For Instance: Squat 135lbs for Three sets of 5

Specific Warm Up: Squat 45lbsx5, 95lbsx5, 115lbsx5

Working Set: Squat 135lbsx5, 135lbsx5, 135lbsx5

The specific warm up can be used to make ready your physique further for a set.Though not required to be added to daily routine they’re highly suggested. 


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